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Centre d'aide
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Our support


We assist you throughout the start-up process and help you build a financing plan adapted to your condition. We act as financial partners in your ascent.

Note : Certain sectors of activity are excluded such as sexual, religious, political or any other business whose activities could be controversial and with which it would be unreasonable to associate the name of our organization.


Young entrepreneurs between the ages of 18 and 39 can benefit from the Youth Strategy program, whose primary objective is to promote and encourage the start-up or on-going development of businesses managed by at least one young entrepreneur. The CAE Val St-François commits in a partnership by supporting and offering financial assistance programs, to provide to eligible entrepreneurs between $5,000 and $25,000 in the form of a personal loan with various terms and conditions. This program aims to develop the local economy and to motivate the growth of new projects. Clients benefit from advantageous payment terms and personalized follow-up for the duration of the contract.


If you are looking for a financial partner to help you develop your business, the CAE Val St-François is your partner of excellence!

Your business potential and your company are at the very heart of our expertise. We know how to develop and grow this potential in the most appropriate context for your field of activity. In addition to offering you liquidity solutions, we are experts in the accompaniment and start-up of businesses in our region. We wish you success and growth because there is always place for your expertise.


Business is running well and you are planning to expand your operations?

The Centre d’Aide aux entreprises du Val St-François can guide you and help you with the acquisition of new facilities, new buildings and even with the purchase of new land. Your development is important to us and we will assist you in finding and financing your expansion or relocation project.


If your production capacity and efficiency are limiting your business, there’s no need to wait. The Centre d’Aide aux entreprises du Val St-François can provide you the help and support you need to grow. We offer advantageous financing solutions that will propel your enterprise’s daily activities. You will be able to increase your production activities and reach the heights of your business objectives.


Professional consultants at the Centre d’Aide aux Entreprises du Val St-François can guide you and offer you personalized financing plans for your business acquisition project. Choose the CAE du Val St-François as your financial partner and become a business owner.


If your cash flow is struggling to keep pace, it is high time to review your strategy and call on CAE du Val St-François’ support services. We offer effective financing solutions adapted to your enterprise’s needs. Pay more employees, buy more inventory, and be ready for success! We reduce your worries and offer you a permanent working capital loan in line with your business priorities.


We meet with entrepreneurs and analyze their needs in actual time. We guide them through this process in order to find the best assistance programs according to the desired field of expertise.

Our presence is advantageous to propel them in their entrepreneurial evolution, to help them realize and understand certain concepts, but also to offer them privileged links with certain partners.


CAE Val St-François, a major player in the economic development of the region.

We are there to guide and accompany. We help local businesses find sources of financing adapted to their expertise. We offer various assistance and financing programs and also, we identify the most appropriate ones according to the context of the entrepreneurs to be helped.

Support and assitance

We provide support and advice to projects in development in our region. We contribute to the success of local businesses, they are our pride. Our offer is differentiated by its aplomb and the personalization of our support. The CAE du Val St-François assists local organizations and associations in the complete development of their projects.


We use our expertise to benefit the local or regional community. CAE Val St-François is a major player in change, evolution and development.

Financial contribution

The CAE Val St-François has a local development fund that contributes to supporting projects that make a difference in the community through their economic contribution. The organizations that receive assistance help to revitalize the business sector in our region.

These financial aids are available and intended for projects of non-profit organizations and cooperatives in the region. Certain eligibility criteria are in effect. Contact us to find out more.


Discover all the tools you will need to start and develop your business, no matter what your sector of activity.

We are always available to answer your questions and to advise you on best practices.