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Centre d'aide
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Our new Website

The CAE is revamping its Web platform to provide better support to local businesses. In a concern for modernization, proximity and evolution, we present you our new online platform. Our website was recently designed to facilitate its use and to offer quality content in real time. We are reinventing ourselves to better serve local enterprises... View Article


Inivex Composites

The assistance I received from CAEVSF allowed me to develop production techniques that Inivex could never have achieved. The experienced team at CAEVSF, helped me discover strengths that Inivex was afraid of. Thanks to the CAEVSF, Inivex was able to obtain contracts with a new clientele to expand its potential and continuity. Congratulations to the CAEVSF team.

Confection Windsor

Once again, I often repeat to my people that the economic engine of a region is our small businesses. For the sustainability of these businesses, we must be supported by a good business partner, the Centre d’Aide aux Entreprises du Val St-François. Their knowledge of our needs and of the region makes the CAEVSF, a trusted partner. Present to our concerns of operations, customers, suppliers, networking, the CAEVSF, pushes us to become better and to want to succeed what others do not. Thank you to the CAEVSF.