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About us

CAE has over 35 years of existence

The CAE Val St-François is a non-profit organization created in 1985. The organization responds to the desire of the business community to promote and develop the local economy.

The operations of the organization and its experts are oriented towards the development of businesses in the region and helping entrepreneurs.

We develop strategic plans and assist businesses in developing their business potential. We are here to create value and support you as a financial partner. We find solutions adapted to your specific domain of expertise.

Our experienced team is available to serve you and listen to your needs. We provide ideas and resources available to consolidate your business projects.

In numbers

$ 23.3 M

CAE investment for 35 years

$ 146.6 M

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Our distinction

The CAE du Val St-François is an ally, a partner who enjoys your daily success. Our organization stands out for the quality of its highly specialized support and for the adaptability we demonstrate in meeting your specific needs.


Our mission is to develop the regional economy by offering financing and support solutions to local entrepreneurs. The Centre d’Aide aux entreprises du Val St-François actively participates in economic development by providing financial help and technical assistance to businesses in the region. We promote the creation and maintenance of jobs in Val St-François.


The CAE Val St-François wishes to be recognized and solicited as an indispensable strategic partner for entrepreneurs and regional economic development leaders. We are an ally in the development of local businesses and we want to be known for our expertise, which is essential to the maintenance of good entrepreneurial practices.


Our organizational values are deeply anchored in our work ethic. First of all, we preach respect, in which each entrepreneur is accompanied with consideration and transparency. Secondly, it seems obvious to us to apply the concepts of discretion and confidentiality in the treatment of each project.

At the heart of our action priorities lies the quality of the services offered and the impeccable professionalism of each intervener, since all projects require and deserve our attention.

Finally, we are constantly concerned with simplifying the processing of files in order to free up and quickly accompany the entrepreneurs who call upon our expertise.


Our job is to help you with yours.

Please note that all members of our team are committed to respecting the code of ethics of the Centre d’Aide aux Entreprises du Val St-François, as well as its policy on conflict of interest and confidentiality.

Marc Ducharme – General Director
Marc Ducharme – General Director

Marc Ducharme has been contributing to the development of businesses in the Val St-François region for many years. His skills as a strategic planner are essential and have earned him his expertise. Mr. Ducharme actively contributes to the realization of his clients’ projects. He prepares, negotiates and diligently assists in the development of various financing plans. His approach based on exchange and listening allows him to identify and advise on the best practices to adopt in order to bring his clients’ projects to fruition.

Ariane Clément – Advisor in corporate financial strategies
Ariane Clément – Advisor in corporate financial strategies

Here are a few words about me. I have a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting, an ASP in Business Launching, a Coaching Certification and newly Master Hypnosis Practitioner. Originally from a family of passionate entrepreneurs, I have naturally developed, over the course of my career, a strength in ideation and business sense that has led me to initiate and create numerous corporate projects for some major players in the banking and aeronautical sectors. In fact, I’ve been involved in many areas of expertise, from process simplification and automation to the development of financial tools, strategic orientation, the web, and social media.

My career has led me to develop a deep understanding of both the business and the entrepreneur. I’m at ease pushing people to think, to see blind spots, to seek greater clarity and establish a guideline. I’m happy to accompany and advise entrepreneurs in the Val Saint-François, with the aim of helping them grow and realize their great projects.

Caroline Dubé – Advisor in corporate financial strategies
Caroline Dubé – Advisor in corporate financial strategies

With a bachelor’s degree in business administration and a major in Finance, I have acquired over 15 years of experience working in the field of financing. I’ve had the opportunity to assume various roles in consulting, administrative support, financial management, credit, training, and customer service. As part of my career, I took part in business development by promoting products and services and building customer loyalty. I even built up my own business.

Recognized for my ability to manage priorities, my reliability, my thoroughness, and clarity, I’ve been entrusted with a variety of customer projects, training, and supervision mandates. Finally, my motivation, my commitment, my rigour, and my professionalism allow me to believe that I can make a significant contribution to the realization of your various projects.